he’ll be a free agent following the 2017 season.

It’s tough to see Bautista — a stalwart of the Jays organization through this run they’ve been on since 2013 — have the kind of difficult season that he is. There are several issues with wanting to move Bautista, however: He’s 36 years old, there are more productive options on the market and he’s essentially been the face of the franchise since his renaissance in 2010. Fans probably wouldn’t take kindly to seeing him moved, despite his down year.

Despite Bautista’s controversies on the field — getting socked by Rougned Odor, his affinity for batflips — it could steer some clubs away. Orioles VP Dan Duquette even said prior to the season that he wouldn’t sign Bautista since the Oriole fanbase didn’t like him.

A Bautista trade wouldn’t bring much back, and chances are he’ll be a free agent following the 2017 season.

He’s added an edge and physicality to a Warriors team with unparalleled skill and scoring ability. Pachulia left a lasting image on the Warriors-Thunder rivalry when he dropped Russell Westbrook and stood over him with a menacing stare. Pachulia also earned a $15,000 fine for taking a swipe at Heat forward Luke Babbitt’s face.

Despite those incidents, Pachulia maintains he is not a dirty player. It may just be us noticing how Pachulia plays because of the name on the front of his jersey. He spoke with Sporting News about those hard fouls, fitting in with the Warriors “Super Team” and the NBA’s changes to All-Star voting that prevented the fan vote from putting him on the Western Conference roster.

Is the physicality and toughness an element of your game something Quality Cheap Jerseys Soccer Cheap Jerseys you focus on bringing to this team with all the talent they have?

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