Watch Broncos kicker Brandon McManus drill a 73-yard field goal at practice

NFL kickers can often make longer-than-normal field goals under certain conditions, but Brandon McManus had a pretty impressive boot during Broncos practice Friday.

With a defense present, McManus lined up for a 73-yard kick. While there wasn’t much pressure, there was still an offensive and defensive line in front of him, which adds an Cheap Dodgers Jerseys extra challenge to the attempt. It didn’t matter to him, though.

It is the first time for me, ever since John Stafford taught me how to throw a football, Stafford said, via But yeah, when you’re preparing, competing really against yourself to be as good as you can possibly be, why not give it everything you’ve got.

Find different people with different ideas, maybe, that can help you out. Just thought it was an opportunity and went for it and enjoyed it.

Stafford, who has played in just one Pro Bowl (2014) throughout his career, was on the shortlist of MVP candidates last season before injuring the middle finger of his throwing hand.

Despite the injury, Stafford still recorded his sixth straight season of 4,200-plus yards and 20-plus touchdowns. While he may not yet be considered elite, he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and he may just prove that this season.

That lines Bell up to break the bank if he can live up to standards in 2017. The rise of the high-profile tailback should raise the salary of all the league’s young runners — and Bell is at the top of that list. His management can point to the big rookie deals players like Gurley and Elliott have signed as a baseline, using his versatility and experience to balance out concerns over Cheap Discount Jerseys his ability to stay on the field.on the field.

An affirming 16-game campaign this fall will pocket $12 million from the Steelers and $80+ million from his next team — some $45-50 million of which likely guaranteed. If Pittsburgh can’t commit to that kind of contract, the franchise will have to start from scratch when it comes to running back in 2018.

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