Meet Calvin Roberts, the 61-year-old seriously trying to make an NBA roster

Left, Calvin Roberts during his playing days in college in the late 70s. Right, Calvin Roberts today. Photos via Natalia Roberts
LAS VEGAS — Calvin Roberts is a former Junior College All-American, NBA draft pick, and Liga ACB veteran. In most cases, a resume like that wouldn’t look out of place on a roster of Las Vegas Summer League hopefuls.

This iconic photo from July 2015 has a ton going on. It was one of the first indicators that the “Banana Boat” crew was a thing, as it came right after the actual photo of four grown men riding a boat-sized banana (Would you rather fight a boat-sized banana or a banana-sized boat?). Second of all, the clinking of four half-filled red wine glasses kicks off what would turn into LeBron’s new social media niche.

It wasn’t until late 2015 when fans learned just how into wine the best basketball player in the world was. Golden State Warriors forward and current (not so) arch-nemesis to LeBron, Draymond Green, made a bet with the King regarding the result of a then upcoming college football matchup between Green’s alum, Michigan State, and LeBron’s favorite college team, Ohio State. The bet? $2500 worth of wine. Michigan State would win the game and LeBron followed through on his bet, sending Green some 2010 Silver Oak Cabernet, which retails for $110 (so he sent him roughly 22 bottles of the stuff?).

LeBron must have a problem with gambling away his precious alcohol, too. One year Cheap Liverpool Jerseys later, in November 2016, LeBron made another bet on another sporting event, this time with Dwayne Wade. Once again, LeBron wagered his wine on his home team, the Cleveland Indians, to Cheap MLB Jerseys take home the World Series trophy over Wade’s hometown Chicago Cubs. The Cubs would go on to win the series and Wade made sure all of social media knew it.

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