How the NBA’s new 2-way contracts work and why some agents are worried about them

One agent suggested to me that the top G-League players — those who make the G-League All-Star team and those who have been considered “call-up candidates” on a year-round basis — won’t sign two-way deals. Among the two-way deals signed or reported so far, that seems accurate. Only one player listed on the G-League’s “Top-25 Prospect Watch” from last season has signed a two-way deal (Josh Magette at No. 19).

Still, the two-way contract might deflate the call-up market anyway, since fewer desirable players are even available for 10-day contracts and short-term, instantaneous acquisitions.

Howard’s “D12 Foundation” began its work in Tanzania in 2011 when construction began on a dormitory for women, then a second was constructed in 2016. Howard learned about the struggles girls face in the area after hearing stories from directors in the area. Some young women walk 15 miles to school each day, others are victims of sexual violence — it was during this time he learned of the problems girls face as a result of menstruation and wanted to make a difference.

In July of 2016 his foundation delivered sewing machines and materials to make sanitary items at the dormitories. Now that program has expanded. Working with a company in Mumbai, the D12 foundation (along with a matching grant from the NBPA) will open a production facility in the country, which will turn pulverized banana leaves into sanitary products for a fraction of the price of options currently available in stores.

Along with the products, an education program will be made available Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys to young women, which will serve as the only health classes available in the area.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of free agency and skim over Cheap Qld Basketball Jerseys stories like these, but Howard’s work in Tanzania is making an incredible impact that will legitimately change the lives of young women.

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