That’s enough to make a guy nervous.

As for the actual game, the Patriots are well aware of Kansas City’s ability to force turnovers and protecting the ball will be paramount on Thursday.

“They take the ball away in a lot of different ways,” Belichick said of the Chiefs defense. “That’s one of the reasons why they have so many. They have a lot of fumbles. They have a lot of interceptions. They strip-sack the quarterback. They cause fumbles with ball carriers. They intercept passes and they disrupt the quarterback with the pass rush to create some poor throws, tipped balls, things like that. And, the secondary has good ball skills.

“They do it at all three levels. They do it in a lot of different ways, not just one thing, really, that you’ve got to be concerned about. It’s pretty much all of it. So, that’s probably where the numbers come from. It’s not one guy that’s got 25 of them. It’s the D-line, the linebackers, the secondary, the corners, the safeties. They’ve got a lot of production all the way across the board.”

That’s enough to make a guy nervous.

A No. 1 NFL game analyst is not supposed to be a novelty act at a Cheap Jerseys China cocktail party, though.

Romo predicting plays before they happen could grow old very fast, especially if he’s wrong often enough that his gaffes become a meme on social media.

Inaccuracy doomed Mike Carey, CBS’s attempted answer to Fox Sports’ popular rules “analyst” Mike Pereira. The former referee is widely acknowledged as a great guy, but he was confidently Cheap High Quality Jerseys wrong on TV too many times. At the end, Carey became a punch line, and CBS had to dump him.

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