That’s enough to make a guy nervous.

As for the actual game, the Patriots are well aware of Kansas City’s ability to force turnovers and protecting the ball will be paramount on Thursday.

“They take the ball away in a lot of different ways,” Belichick said of the Chiefs defense. “That’s one of the reasons why they have so many. They have a lot of fumbles. They have a lot of interceptions. They strip-sack the quarterback. They cause fumbles with ball carriers. They intercept passes and they disrupt the quarterback with the pass rush to create some poor throws, tipped balls, things like that. And, the secondary has good ball skills.

“They do it at all three levels. They do it in a lot of different ways, not just one thing, really, that you’ve got to be concerned about. It’s pretty much all of it. So, that’s probably where the numbers come from. It’s not one guy that’s got 25 of them. It’s the D-line, the linebackers, the secondary, the corners, the safeties. They’ve got a lot of production all the way across the board.”

That’s enough to make a guy nervous.

A No. 1 NFL game analyst is not supposed to be a novelty act at a Cheap Jerseys China cocktail party, though.

Romo predicting plays before they happen could grow old very fast, especially if he’s wrong often enough that his gaffes become a meme on social media.

Inaccuracy doomed Mike Carey, CBS’s attempted answer to Fox Sports’ popular rules “analyst” Mike Pereira. The former referee is widely acknowledged as a great guy, but he was confidently Cheap High Quality Jerseys wrong on TV too many times. At the end, Carey became a punch line, and CBS had to dump him.

Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t practiced in almost three weeks.

Star defensive tackle Aaron Donald is still holding out while in hopes of a more lucrative contract, and it doesn’t look as if he will play in Week 1. In his place, the Rams are expected to start rookie sixth-round pick Tanzel Smart, a 3-technique from Tulane who has had a nice preseason. Smart will join nose tackle Michael Brockers and defensive end Ethan Westbrooks in 3-4 base sets.

He’s dealing with an ankle sprain that appears to be of the high-ankle variety. Beckham has done some running and cutting this week and wants to play Sunday night against the Cowboys. It’s likely to be a game-time decision, and he probably won’t be 100 percent.

This is a must-win season for John Fox as the former Broncos coach enters his third season in charge of the Bears, and it’s entirely likely that the Bears will improve, given their 1-6 record in games decided by seven points or fewer and league-worst minus-20 turnover differential last season. Both of those marks are likely to regress toward the mean.

Even after trading Sheldon Richardson to the Seahawks, the Jets could plausibly be good on defense in 2017. They were the league’s top defense by DVOA against the run in 2016 and overhauled an aging, porous secondary with three new starters. With some better luck in the red zone, the Jets could produce a top-10 defense.

The offense … well, it’s hard to even dream up a world in which the offense is functional, let alone good. Josh McCown is 38 and fragile, but he put up MVP-caliber numbers Cheap High Quality Soccer Jerseys for the Bears over half of a season in 2013. He’d have to do something like that over 16 games to push Cheap Ireland Jerseys the Jets into the postseason. If McCown managed to pull it off once, though …

How the NBA’s new 2-way contracts work and why some agents are worried about them

One agent suggested to me that the top G-League players — those who make the G-League All-Star team and those who have been considered “call-up candidates” on a year-round basis — won’t sign two-way deals. Among the two-way deals signed or reported so far, that seems accurate. Only one player listed on the G-League’s “Top-25 Prospect Watch” from last season has signed a two-way deal (Josh Magette at No. 19).

Still, the two-way contract might deflate the call-up market anyway, since fewer desirable players are even available for 10-day contracts and short-term, instantaneous acquisitions.

Howard’s “D12 Foundation” began its work in Tanzania in 2011 when construction began on a dormitory for women, then a second was constructed in 2016. Howard learned about the struggles girls face in the area after hearing stories from directors in the area. Some young women walk 15 miles to school each day, others are victims of sexual violence — it was during this time he learned of the problems girls face as a result of menstruation and wanted to make a difference.

In July of 2016 his foundation delivered sewing machines and materials to make sanitary items at the dormitories. Now that program has expanded. Working with a company in Mumbai, the D12 foundation (along with a matching grant from the NBPA) will open a production facility in the country, which will turn pulverized banana leaves into sanitary products for a fraction of the price of options currently available in stores.

Along with the products, an education program will be made available Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys to young women, which will serve as the only health classes available in the area.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of free agency and skim over Cheap Qld Basketball Jerseys stories like these, but Howard’s work in Tanzania is making an incredible impact that will legitimately change the lives of young women.

NBA Summer League schedule 2017: Times, TV channels, and live stream for Tuesday in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Summer League tournament is in full swing, and there will be more fast-paced action coming your way Tuesday evening. These games have been nothing short of eye-popping, as players like Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, and Markelle Fultz all showed fans a glimpse of their talent and tantalizing skill sets.

Power (4-1) knocked off the Ball Hogs (1-4), 51-34, in Week 5’s first game. Power’s Cuttino Mobley poured in 21 points and shot well over 50 percent from the field. Jerome Williams and DeShawn Stevenson chipped in with 11 points apiece. Power made over 60 percent of its shots in this game and corralled 21 rebounds. The Ball Hogs, on the other hand, shot under 50 percent from the field, and Rasual Butler scored a team-high 12 points. No one else on the team scored more than nine points.

Mutombo had five other stops before he played the final five seasons of his career in Houston. He retired as a Rocket in 2009, averaging 15.6 minutes per game.

Jones spent two seasons in Phoenix from 2005-07 where he averaged a career-high 9.3 points on 38.6 percent three-point shooting. He also spent two years in Indiana and a year in Portland before joining the Heat two seasons before LeBron’s arrival in 2010. He never averaged double-digit scoring but had been a dead-eye perimeter shooter throughout his career.

Jones has no NBA front office experience, but is well-regarded among Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal players and took a leadership role with the players union.

“James has a wealth of experiences that will greatly benefit our organization,” McDonough said in a statement. “He is a three-time NBA Champion and has been one of the top Cheap New York Giants Jerseys executives with the National Basketball Players Association over the past few years. We welcome ‘Champ’ and his family to our Phoenix Suns family.”

Meet Calvin Roberts, the 61-year-old seriously trying to make an NBA roster

Left, Calvin Roberts during his playing days in college in the late 70s. Right, Calvin Roberts today. Photos via Natalia Roberts
LAS VEGAS — Calvin Roberts is a former Junior College All-American, NBA draft pick, and Liga ACB veteran. In most cases, a resume like that wouldn’t look out of place on a roster of Las Vegas Summer League hopefuls.

This iconic photo from July 2015 has a ton going on. It was one of the first indicators that the “Banana Boat” crew was a thing, as it came right after the actual photo of four grown men riding a boat-sized banana (Would you rather fight a boat-sized banana or a banana-sized boat?). Second of all, the clinking of four half-filled red wine glasses kicks off what would turn into LeBron’s new social media niche.

It wasn’t until late 2015 when fans learned just how into wine the best basketball player in the world was. Golden State Warriors forward and current (not so) arch-nemesis to LeBron, Draymond Green, made a bet with the King regarding the result of a then upcoming college football matchup between Green’s alum, Michigan State, and LeBron’s favorite college team, Ohio State. The bet? $2500 worth of wine. Michigan State would win the game and LeBron followed through on his bet, sending Green some 2010 Silver Oak Cabernet, which retails for $110 (so he sent him roughly 22 bottles of the stuff?).

LeBron must have a problem with gambling away his precious alcohol, too. One year Cheap Liverpool Jerseys later, in November 2016, LeBron made another bet on another sporting event, this time with Dwayne Wade. Once again, LeBron wagered his wine on his home team, the Cleveland Indians, to Cheap MLB Jerseys take home the World Series trophy over Wade’s hometown Chicago Cubs. The Cubs would go on to win the series and Wade made sure all of social media knew it.

Patty Mills to re-sign with Spurs for 4 years, $50 million

Turns out the San Antonio Spurs’ point guard choice is the one they always had on their roster. They have agreed to re-sign Patty Mills on a four-year, $50 million deal, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Mills was expected to be one of the many free-agent point guards to switch teams next year, with the Spurs seemingly hunting for an upgrade at the position. Instead, he stays with the Spurs for about $12.5 million a season and should start at point guard before and perhaps even after Tony Parker recovers from a ruptured quad tendon.

The 28-year-old Mills averaged 9.5 points and 3.5 assists on 41 percent shooting in a reserve role for San Antonio last season. Had he not returned to San Antonio, he likely would have been a fallback option for several teams that whiffed on top free agent point guards. Instead, he’ll continue to serve as a perfect fit as a spot starter and reserve for Gregg Popovich.

It was always puzzling that the Suns were pursuing Millsap, as well as Blake Griffin, who the team had reportedly secured a meeting with before Griffin opted to re-sign the five-year, $173 million deal in Los Angeles. The team’s timeline means that they’re still several years away from contending, and all a good veteran like Millsap or Griffin could really do is tie up money and Cheap Kids Soccer Jerseys opportunities while making Phoenix a lower end lottery team rather than one who could potentially take a top-three pick.

While the Suns are going young, it seems that they aren’t sold on their 24-year-old center Alex Len. The Vertical’s Shams Charania reported that Len is one of the only restricted free agents on the market that could potential change teams this summer, meaning that Phoenix might not match Len Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys if he receives an offer sheet that they deem is too high.

The Cavaliers parted ways with Griffin just as he was in the process of inquiring about a Jimmy Butler trade.

The Pacers were also reportedly set to give permission to Paul George to get on the phone with Gilbert. Both teams ended up trading their stars out West, and Cleveland’s activity this summer has been on life support ever since.

The Cavaliers re-signed Kyle Korver, then added Jeff Green and Jose Calderon via free agency. They also signed Turkish forward Cedi Osman, their 2015 second-round pick, to a three-year deal. None of those players are expected to close the gap between Cleveland and a loaded Golden State team coming off the best playoff run in NBA history.

Joe Johnson once had a similar situation in Phoenix. Johnson was sharing touches with Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion back in 2004 for a successful Suns team, but he knew he was capable of more. Johnson ended in Atlanta where he went on to be named to seven All-Star teams and make over $200 million in career earnings.

Irving feels like he’s capable of more than the 25.2 points and 5.8 assists per Cheap Jerseys Outlets game he averaged this season. Going to a new team without James would mean Cheap Jerseys Shop the ball is in his hands more and would give him the opportunity to put up bigger numbers.

Remember: Irving never really signed up to be James’ sidekick in the first place. He reportedly wasn’t thrilled with being in Cleveland during his early years in the league. When he did agree to an extension, he thought he would the face of the franchise. Then LeBron James entered the picture.

James and Irving accomplished some great things together, including winning one of the most historic NBA Finals ever in 2016. Now Irving is ready to end the relationship. Maybe he never wanted it to start in the first place.

This fan’s purse catch proves you don’t need a glove to make the play

As a fan, when a foul ball is headed in your direction, you have to think fast. If your mentality is safety first, you can dive for cover, seeking refuge under one of the hard plastic seats. Or, if you’re more souvenir-minded, you can try to catch it.

Usually, it helps if you have a baseball glove. After all, that’s what they’re for. But this woman at Sunday night’s Pirates-Cardinals game decided she didn’t need a glove to snag a ball — instead, she made the play with just her purse.

The home plate umpire initially called Robertson safe, then reviewed the play to confirm. That’s 6-2 Tigers, folks.

But still, credit FSU catcher Cal Raleigh for leaping to gather first baseman Drew Mendoza’s way-off throw, then wielding the presence of mind to get down and reach for the tag. This was an awfully close play that offered multiple conclusions based on which camera angle you’re watching from, but in the end the umps got it right.

LSU plated another runner after this to tick up to a 7-2 lead.

Great stuff, and to complete a double play, no less. But Ratschman wasn’t done there, though. No, he came back in Omaha to carry out an eerily similar play against LSU. Mercy.

So over the course of June some truly inspired baseball takes NFL Jerseys Free Shipping place across 17 separate sites in this country, and we’re here to round up the 12 most Nike NFL Jerseys From China memorable moments and storylines of this year’s tournament.

Tim Tebow homers in first High-A game and passes Michael Jordan

Tim Tebow is not a good minor league baseball player. He just posted a .648 OPS in 64 Low-A ball games despite being eight years older than the average player in that league, but the Mets decided to promote him anyway to High-A Port St. Lucie. The former Florida star and NFL famous person was probably not promoted on the merits. I know, objectively, that Tebow is not en route to a prosperous major league career.

That’s Tebow going deep on Wednesday night for Port St. Lucie, his fourth home run of the year and his first in High-A — coming in his very first game at his new level. It’s worth pointing out, as our Florida blog did, that Tebow’s four bombs this season give him more than Michael Jordan’s three during his 1994 foray into professional baseball.

Carl Edwards Jr. knows what’s up. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, he’d rather check out some cool museums.

“I’m trying to go see like the dinosaur museums, ” Edwards said.

And who wouldn’t want to check out some awesome dinosaur bones? There are so many types of dinosaurs that it would take forever to check them all out. So since you’re in town, you might as well take the time to gander at the majestic skeletons of our Earthly prehistoric past. There are Jerseys From China tyrannosaurus rex, diplodocuses, triceratops, and a bunch of others.

Edwards has his priorities straight. If you don’t take the time to learn Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike about the past, how will you ever have a future?

Young College World Series fan barehands two foul balls down right field line in same game

Louisville and TCU are currently locked into a slugfest elimination game in the College World Series from Omaha, and runs have been at a premium. Not so for foul balls, though, which have flown aplenty.

And so with that many hits flying out of play, it’s only proper that one young fan should find his way to a pair of them. He didn’t bring a glove to the park on Thursday, because he’s a true hero.

The infinite nature of hitting baseballs to special spots with baseball bats allows for a very, very small probability of two hits reaching this fan twice in the same game. We won’t pause to calculate those statistics here, only to point our that our man hauls in both — the first one not so clean, the second perfectly clean — and that he’s a hero of the first base line stands.

TCU currently has a tenuous 4-3 lead over Louisville in the fifth inning. The loser here goes home.

College baseball needs to expand its use of replay review, specifically to foul balls that narrowly hit or miss the foul pole. On the same day, mere hours apart, two balls hit the left field foul line in nearly the exact same spot and the first was called foul without review, then the second was Cheap Jerseys NFL called fair and confirmed on review.

Casey didn’t call for a review on the Beavers’ hit. Omaha’s TD Ameritrade Park is oddly shaped, forming an oblong oval at its bottom which extends out to the foul lines, thus Nike NFL Jerseys China blocking the third base line dugout’s sightline to the foul pole.