Falcons have figured out how to nail the NFL draft under Dan Quinn

Each year, teams dream of adding players through the draft who can put them in Super Bowl contention. The Falcons did exactly that over the last two offseasons, and a lot of Atlanta’s draft success is thanks to head coach Dan Quinn.

You can see Quinn’s influence in the selection of strong safety Keanu Neal in last year’s draft. Most mock draft projections had Neal pegged as a second-rounder, but the Falcons selected him with the 17th overall pick in 2016. The pick didn’t earn the team high draft grades, but the Falcons saw how Neal would fit in their defense. They were right. Neal finished his rookie season with 106 tackles and five forced fumbles.

Look, this game was over after a quarter. You can see the actual score after 12 minutes — Bucks 32, Raptors 12 — and if you didn’t watch the game, you might think Toronto was just missing shots and Milwaukee had everything going. No, trust me, if you watched that first quarter, you knew that game was over right in that moment. Indeed, Toronto never even managed the facsimile of a run to get back into the game, losing the second quarter by seven points and the third by five more.

But Antetokounmpo obviously isn’t being asked to carry an enormous load — his teammates are swarming all around him, with Khris Middleton popping off for 20 points in the starting five while Greg Monroe dropped 16 off the bench.

Milwaukee didn’t have this defense during the regular season, not for three games like we’ve seen in this series. Much of that is the Thon Maker effect, as the rookie is rapidly learning just how debilitating his massive arm length and craft foot speed are to an opposing offense. Add in another couple Best Quality Cheap Jerseys dozen feet worth of wingspan from the rest of the starting five, and if they’re playing fundamentally sound American Cheap Jerseys basketball, it’s just so hard to score.

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