Do these players regret their decisions to turn pro?

Philip Rivers turned Tyrell Williams into a 1,000-yard receiver last fall. Just imagine what he can do with Clemson standout Mike Williams. Los Angeles didn’t just supercharge Rivers’ passing game with a new weapon, it also added two dynamic blockers — Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney — to keep him upright and clear holes for tailback Melvin Gordon.

This moment. Is the worst moment. In sports.

I hate it and I love it and I hate that I love it and I love myself for hating it. It SUCKS. There is nothing more agonizing than the helpless feeling you get watching this on TV. You see the puck. It’s right there. Half of the players missed it. The goalie is somewhere but definitely not in the net. In the half second before you see Carlson race for it, your sports body is yearning to be on the ice in that moment.

Destiny and glory and the sweet release of sports success and hockey playoff hero bliss is right there, holding out its hand for you to take it and run, and you can do absolutely f***-all about it.

You can do nothing. Nothing but watch and wither and die as NHL Jerseys China the play unfolds and bodies fly everywhere and the moment passes.

They might be tired of playing football for no liquid payment, given the immense physical peril the sport puts its players in. Risking your body for free is something any reasonable person might decide not to do.

Do these players regret their decisions to turn pro? Surely some do. Not every career decision is a good one. But I’m quite certain these players know their own needs and goals better than any New Nike NFL Jerseys of us do. It’s hard for us to judge them en masse.

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