ESPN has producers monitor Adam Schefter so he doesn’t fall down stairs

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter is dedicated to his craft, so much so that he needs people around him to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

In an insightful piece by MMQB, we get to see a day in the life of Schefter, but not just any day. MMQB shadowed Schefter on the first day of NFL free agency, when news is coming in practically every second of the day.

Trying to keep up with all of it — and stay ahead of his competitors — Schefter can get lost in the moment. As MMQB notes, the NFL insider needs supervision around him as his head is buried in his two cell phones, which have different providers by the way:

“Do I bat two or three left-handers in a row and let the manager wipe out my whole lineup with a couple lefties during the course of a game?” Baker asked. “Or do I try to achieve balance?”

Yes, achieve balance, by batting Eaton first with Turner second.

Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper are the two lefties currently slated to bat third and fourth this season. Murphy was great against left-handed pitching last season. His batting average versus lefties ranked 16th in all of baseball, righty or lefty, and his OPS was 23rd.

To further dispel Baker’s theory, Eaton batted .285 against righties and .284 against lefties last season. His on-base percentage was actually higher opposite left-handed pitchers (.369 to .360).

“A lot of people have tried to tell me during my managerial career what the lineups should be but nobody has really hit in all places in the lineup but me,” Baker said. “And also, my teams have always hit. I’ll let everybody know what my lineup’s going to be when the time comes.”

That may be true, but it’s highly doubtful Washington brass Chinese Cheap Jerseys traded away Giolito and company for an end-of-the-lineup hitter.

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