Derek Jeter’s tough day: Interview with A-Rod, reported setback on Marlins deal

Sometimes even the great ones don’t have it so great.

That pretty much sums up Derek Jeter’s day Tuesday. Not only did the Yankees legend have to do a painful CNBC interview with former teammate (and still-frenemy) Alex Rodriguez as part of a charity event in New York; he also learned his plans to become a minority owner of the Marlins had taken a slight hit. summed up the interview in two words: “nightmare” and “trainwreck.” Other outlets used “awkward.” There were questions about Jeter and Rodriguez’s supposed strained relationship. Questions about A-Rod’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Questions about Monday’s Met Gala (an arts event, not the Queens MLB team’s win over the Braves). Clueless questions about Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation.

Unlike last fall, Cleveland is expecting All-Star outfielder Michael Brantley and starters Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar to start the season in full health. Not to mention the addition of All-Star slugger Edwin Encarnacion.

“At this time of year, everyone is at glass half-full,” Francona said. “We have good reason to be.”

With the Cubs winning their first World Series title since 1908, the Indians have the longest drought in the majors. Francona is interested in seeing how the Indians respond to it.

The Indians never lost more than three in a row this past season, the only team in the majors to do that. With the Big 3 (Andrew Miller, Cody Allen, Bryan Shaw) returning in the bullpen, the Tribe could very well emulate the Royals’ 2015 season and go from Game 7 World Series losers the year prior to winning it all the next season.

“There are a lot of unknowns,” Francona said. “Just being brutally Miami Dolphins Cheap Jerseys honest, it could go one of two ways. They could come back with a sense of entitlement, or they can come back being hungry, knowing where they were and be like, man, I want to get back there again. My bet is on No. 2 with this team.”

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