It’s not just that Scherzer is getting lucky with at’em balls.

After the game Sunday, I asked Scherzer whether he takes any more satisfaction watching a hitter swing and miss at a pitch or whether he prefers seeing a frozen batter take a strike.

“It doesn’t matter how you get a strike,” he said. “You’re trying to sequence guys so that you can throw out pitches with two strikes. Most of the time that means a strikeout, but if that means a lazy fly ball or weak contact, that’s just as effective as well. It’s trying to find the right sequence so that you can throw your best pitch with two strikes.”

But really, 10.1 strikeouts per nine is great for a starter. And 12.2 is kind of ridiculous.

It’s not just that Scherzer is getting lucky with at’em balls. This is the best Fielding Independent Pitching mark of his career.

Opponents are batting just .159 against Scherzer this year, with a BABIP of .222, mostly because even when they do make contact it’s not good contact. Check this out: His line-drive percentage of 14.1 is best in the bigs among qualified starters, and his rate of 26.5 percent “hard” contact is third in the majors. Good stuff.

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