Judge hears argument for new trial in murder of Michael Jordan’s father

Claims of a misleading testimony and misconduct by the prosecutor and jury in the trial for the murder of Michael Jordan’s father could result in a new trial nearly 20 years later.

A North Carolina Superior Court judge heard arguments on convicted murderer Daniel Green’s claims for just over an hour Wednesday in a Robeson County courtroom. According to The Fayetteville Observer, Judge Michael Beale has agreed to accept some witness statements as he considers request for hearing on whether Green should get a new trial.

Attorneys for Green have long argued Green was not present when James Jordan was killed during a 1993 car-jacking. His legal team now contends it has the evidence to challenge the case.

The lawyers claim Green was in a different location when the elder Jordan died, but he did help get rid of the body and drive Jordan’s car. Larry Demery is the one who shot Jordan, the attorneys say, but Demery pinned it on Green during the 1996 trial as part of a plea deal with prosecutors for a lesser sentence.

Per the Charlotte Observer, other potential evidence which could help Green receive a new trial include:

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