The guys here are still wanting to learn and get better

He’s right about the team’s strengths on the field. At 3.10, the Dodgers have the best ERA in baseball, and the offense boasts an fWAR of 21.1, which is second only to the Astros. Defensively, they have been excellent, ranking fourth in all of baseball in DEF, Fangraphs’ most encompassing measure for defense as a whole.

But for as good as the Dodgers have been so far, Utley knows that it’s going to take more than these three tenets of a successful baseball team to push through the grind of the postseason.

Finishing a protein shake in the hours before the game at Guaranteed Rate Field — the night the Dodgers would go on to win their 10th in a row — Utley elaborated on a key difference between those weatherbeaten truisms of reliable pitching, good hitting and solid defense that characterize every championship-caliber baseball team.

“The guys here are still wanting to learn and get better, and that’s the most important thing,” Utley said.

This desire for growth applies not only to hoary veterans such as Utley, who has embraced a new role in the waning years of his career, but also to the less-aged pieces to the Dodgers’ success, such as Corey Seager and newcomer Cody Bellinger.

Thoughts: The jury is still out for some of these guys, obviously. But Manaea has become a mainstay in Oakland’s rotation, and Finnegan posted a 3.98 ERA in 31 starts for the Reds in 2016, though he has spent most of this season on the DL. Those are the two guys in this flurry of deals who could haunt Royals fans, though they can just drown them out by playing highlights from the 2015 World Series championship. Lamb, Reed Orioles Cheap Jerseys and Brooks have all struggled in the majors.

Cueto and Zobrist played huge roles in K.C.’s run to the title, and NFL Jerseys Cheap Gomes was the emotional center of that clubhouse throughout the playoffs, even though he didn’t play.

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