Young College World Series fan barehands two foul balls down right field line in same game

Louisville and TCU are currently locked into a slugfest elimination game in the College World Series from Omaha, and runs have been at a premium. Not so for foul balls, though, which have flown aplenty.

And so with that many hits flying out of play, it’s only proper that one young fan should find his way to a pair of them. He didn’t bring a glove to the park on Thursday, because he’s a true hero.

The infinite nature of hitting baseballs to special spots with baseball bats allows for a very, very small probability of two hits reaching this fan twice in the same game. We won’t pause to calculate those statistics here, only to point our that our man hauls in both — the first one not so clean, the second perfectly clean — and that he’s a hero of the first base line stands.

TCU currently has a tenuous 4-3 lead over Louisville in the fifth inning. The loser here goes home.

College baseball needs to expand its use of replay review, specifically to foul balls that narrowly hit or miss the foul pole. On the same day, mere hours apart, two balls hit the left field foul line in nearly the exact same spot and the first was called foul without review, then the second was Cheap Jerseys NFL called fair and confirmed on review.

Casey didn’t call for a review on the Beavers’ hit. Omaha’s TD Ameritrade Park is oddly shaped, forming an oblong oval at its bottom which extends out to the foul lines, thus Nike NFL Jerseys China blocking the third base line dugout’s sightline to the foul pole.

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