This fan’s purse catch proves you don’t need a glove to make the play

As a fan, when a foul ball is headed in your direction, you have to think fast. If your mentality is safety first, you can dive for cover, seeking refuge under one of the hard plastic seats. Or, if you’re more souvenir-minded, you can try to catch it.

Usually, it helps if you have a baseball glove. After all, that’s what they’re for. But this woman at Sunday night’s Pirates-Cardinals game decided she didn’t need a glove to snag a ball — instead, she made the play with just her purse.

The home plate umpire initially called Robertson safe, then reviewed the play to confirm. That’s 6-2 Tigers, folks.

But still, credit FSU catcher Cal Raleigh for leaping to gather first baseman Drew Mendoza’s way-off throw, then wielding the presence of mind to get down and reach for the tag. This was an awfully close play that offered multiple conclusions based on which camera angle you’re watching from, but in the end the umps got it right.

LSU plated another runner after this to tick up to a 7-2 lead.

Great stuff, and to complete a double play, no less. But Ratschman wasn’t done there, though. No, he came back in Omaha to carry out an eerily similar play against LSU. Mercy.

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