Florida goes with ‘swamp green’ for new unis

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is popularly known as The Swamp. And now the Florida Gators will look the part.

For Saturday’s game against Texas A&M, Florida will wear a new uniform designed to evoke the look and feel of an alligator. The uniform, which was under development for two years and was unveiled Monday night, features a “swamp green” jersey with an alligator-skin pattern. The helmet, pants and socks are rendered in the same color, but without the gator-skin treatment.

That will change on Saturday. When Iowa State visits Norman, it will be seeing nothing but red. The Sooners will throw in a crimson helmet as well.

What a wild time it was in college football 20 years ago. It was Peyton Manning’s senior season, but he lost the Heisman Trophy to Michigan’s Charles Woodson, the first-and-only defensive player to win the award. With Woodson, Michigan would split the national championship with Nebraska. Both teams finished the season undefeated, but because there was no magical College Football Playoff and it was a year away from the semi-magical Bowl Championship Series, the two never met on the field.

To celebrate their last national championship, the Cornhuskers are wearing uniforms designed to look as they did in 1997.

Last fall, several Michigan players raised fists during the national Cheap NFL Jerseys China anthem to protest inequality in the United States. Harbaugh said then he supported their right to voice an opinion.

Michigan also played a video prior to kickoff on Saturday night that featured several student-athletes and athletic director Warde Manuel asking fans to listen Wholesale MLB Jerseys to the opinions of the athletes they celebrate on the field and be open to having conversations about a variety of social justice issues.

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