George Diaz: Goodell, NFL can’t dawdle on NFL anthem controversy

George Diaz: Goodell, NFL can’t dawdle on NFL anthem controversy More Imagine the NFL national-anthem controversy is a football in the hands of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Now Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys imagine Goodell taking that football and punting it across the fancy hallways of the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. A nice big, fancy spiral that goes about 40 yards before it plops down on the carpet. That’s where the league stands on a volatile issue that has played out in various contentious ways, from President Trump’s Twitter account to discussion about sagging ratings and attendance to players looking for clarity on proper protocol.

There are other Panthers suitors on the fringes, one being mining industry executive Alan Kestenbaum, who is backed by Canadian investors. Another source said that Fanatics owner Michael Rubin’s bid, with rapper Sean Diddy Combs lined up as an investor, is not dead yet, but it’s becoming increasingly less likely to succeed, in part because of Richardson’s own feelings about who to sell the team to. There is believed to be a fifth bidder involved, though that group’s identity has been kept quiet. Ultimately, the choice is up to Richardson, or at least it will be in advance of the vote to approve the new ownership group—which requires a three-quarters vote from the clubs. If all goes according to plan, wherever this takes the Panthers, it looks like that vote is right around the corner.

The way the Boston Red Sox are pitching, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and David Ortiz might not be able to hit them.

The All-Star trio sat together in the Miami Marlins owners box Monday night as Brian Johnson gave the Red Sox their fifth solid start in five games, allowing one run in six innings in a 7-3 victory.

All five Boston starters have allowed less than two runs, a franchise first to begin a season.

Who can miss David when he shows up Nobody, Ramirez said. The Cheap Replica Jerseys crowd was going crazy too.

The deal helps both teams in different ways.

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