Parcells: Jason Witten what ‘football is supposed to be’

During Jason Witten ‘s retirement ceremony Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys tight end began with a story about Bill Parcells.

As Witten told it, during his rookie campaign, following a broken jaw, the Cowboys coach walked into the trainers’ room and told the tight end that the best ones, they find a way to play through injury. Parcells noted that availability is one of the best traits an NFL player can own. Witten missed one game with that broken jaw and played every single contest the rest of his career.

Witten spoke admirably about his former coach, who left the Cowboys in 2006. That respect is reciprocal.

Rudy’s great, Trump said there. adding: He wasn’t totally familiar with everything.

Trump also said Friday that if he could be treated fairly he would love to speak to federal prosecutors investigating ties between his campaign and Russia. He said he would do so even over the objections of his lawyers — if he could be convinced the Russia probe is not a witch hunt.

I would love to speak. I would love to go, Trump said. Nothing I want to do more, because we did nothing wrong.

Sheffield is all ears when Sabathia, a six-time All-Star and potential Hall of Famer with 239 career wins, offers advice.

He’s a good kid and I’m just trying to help him, Sabathia said. He’s a left-handed pitcher who has all the talent in the world. If I can be there as a friend, I think it’ll help him.

Besides mental guidance, Sabathia offers pitching advice. Sabathia is reminded of a younger version of himself watching Sheffield, who is a power pitcher. Sabathia would like to see the older thinking-man version of himself incorporated into Sheffield, too.

We talked about that, Sheffield said. He said he wished he was this smart back in the day when he pitched. He would tell me that pitched like I do now. He’d go out Cheap Infant NFL Jerseys there and try to overpower guys. He talks to me all the time about being smart and using certain pitches in certain counts to set up hitters. He thinks if I do that it’ll get me a little Cheap Jarome Iginla Jerseys more advanced in the game at a young age.

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