Coaches, General Managers may worry less during summer break

With offseason programs wrapping up, players throughout the league will be left to their own devices until training camps open next month. Which means that coaches and General Managers (and other football operations employees) will finally be getting a well-earned break.

And, unlike in past years, they may be less obsessed with the possibility of getting a 3:00 a.m. phone call regarding a player who has found trouble.

It used be an inevitability, with multiple players arrested in the weeks between minicamp and training camp. Now, thanks to the post-Ray Rice enhancements to the Personal Conduct Policy, players have gotten the message. Teams also may be more inclined to shy away from players who have the talent to make a roster, but who also have the propensity to get arrested.

Memorial Day weekend, for example, no players were arrested. Although it may be unrealistic to expect a league with up to 90 players on 32 teams to have zero arrests during a four-to-six-week break that will include the July 4 holiday, the players and the teams deserve credit for Cheap Jerseys Kids NFL taking what used to be a common occurrence and making it a relative rarity.

Giants draft quarterback, and Davis Webb has competition

It was not exactly a parade of volunteers, especially after Hawkins drilled former running back Brandon Jacobs with one of her fastballs.

Everybody’s not really saying anything and I say ‘I’ll do it. I can do it,’ Webb said. One pitch later, bang! – Brandon Jacobs gets drilled. I’m like ‘Give me a helmet.’ But I got a hit. She jammed me up pretty good but I got it out of the infield.

I was nervous, but I was the only one that stepped up. I think [Zak] DeOssie went next and he didn’t get a hit.

If Webb goes onto a long and distinguished career with the Giants, the first chapter in his memoir can recount the time — the very first time — he showed his new teammates and a crowd of around 2,000 at a Rockland County minor league ballpark that he had what it takes to get Cheap Jerseys NBA China it done.

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