How a Soldier’s Story Helped Dan Quinn Build the Falcons

Some would have you believe that NFL players are at odds with the U.S. military—it’s not the case, specifically on Dan Quinn’s squad. Plus, Chip Kelly returns to school while his influence on the NFL remains, why the Jaguars are bullish on Bortles, a look at a couple interesting prospects in the supplemental draft and more

Dan Quinn doesn’t want to make the soldier’s name public, because Cheap Fishing Jerseys the soldier himself doesn’t want that. But even without the name attached, his story (which has been confirmed) is worth telling, especially on the week of Independence Day. It might be the best way to honor the soldier’s impact on Quinn’s Falcons.

Football players are not soldiers. Games are not war. But the correlation that Quinn could draw between the makeup of a soldier and what pro football players need to do to succeed—he was still in Seattle, as defensive coordinator, at the time—was impossible to miss.

It works because that tight end or running back is usually the checkdown option. It’s O.K. if a checkdown receiver waits an extra second before releasing into his route because those routes only travel a short distance and don’t often occur on a strict timing-and-rhythm schedule.

This understanding is part of why Rivers, along with Tom Brady, is the best checkdown passer in the NFL. That might seem small, but it’s not. Checkdowns turn incompletions into gains—and sometimes substantial games.

[Former coaches of Rivers] Cam Cameron and Norv Turner coached the heck out of that, says Rivers. Both of them liked deep shots and chunk plays, but they always said, ‘Tailback! Don’t forget your tailback. Tailback!’ That was ingrained in me early. It’s a short throw, long run a lot of times.

We played Baltimore a few years ago. Elvis Dumervil was there. We got to Cheap Hockey Jerseys Custom a point in the game where [running back] Danny Woodhead just made sure he was on Dumervil’s side wherever he was.

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