Kirk Cousins will regularly remind himself of his own mortality

Now that Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has compiled more money than he could ever spend in his lifetime, he can commence the process of counting down the remaining time in his life.

And so he is.

It looked like Quarters coverage (aka Cover 4), with each defensive back taking a fourth of the field, but McLeod’s aggression suggests it may have been something Cheap Fan Jerseys else.

So it’s funny you say that because this coverage has gotten more popular in the last four of five years, Rivers explains. We would call this 9-Buzz. For us, 9 means Cover 3 to the weak side. In other words, it starts out looking like Cover 4, with both safeties deep. But when the safety on the side away from the tight end rotates down, it becomes Cover 9.

This coverage is coming in, a lot of teams are playing it, Rivers says. Kansas City plays it, our guys play it. And it does have a Cover 4 element to it, especially if you run three vertical routes, because then McLeod is gonna stay deep to defend that. By moving, he’s kind of that buzz safety as we call him. He kind of becomes a robber in there.

Bell already has, in hand, a one-year contract offer that will pay him $14.5 million fully guaranteed. Why would he commit to five years with only $10 million guaranteed when he can collect nearly 50 percent more than that and get paid market value in less than eight months?

It’s still not known what the Steelers would have paid Bell in base salary this year. That payment would have been as a practical matter guaranteed, because they wouldn’t have cut him before the start of the regular season. But unless it was at least another $10 million, why would Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada Bell have traded a bird in the hand for a different bird in the bush?

The question throughout the negotiation process was whether the Steelers would make Bell the kind of offer that prompted him to swap $14.5 million and a path to free agency. Whatever the 2018 base salary, the Steelers didn’t come close — and they surely know it.

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